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  • “I have the basics on TA but was haywire and not using it properly i.e use it more for what I think market will do instead of reading it accurately on what its trying to tell.. Just a quick post to well educated traders they immediately correct me if something is wrong and its been always constructive.. Schmit is obviously of great help in introducing to the new concepts and reiterate enough with charts until the concepts sync in.. Basically loving this group as I learn a new thing each day with this crypto markets.. Once more good thing is discipline there is no spam and everything is so organized, everyone takes it as a personal responsibility.”
  • “This discord has been the best $100 I’ve ever spent in my entire life. I came here with literally no knowledge of TA and am now able to read charts at a basic level. Bitcoin_Schmitcoin provides professional and unbiased critical thought while still openly welcoming TA and knowledge from other traders. I keep this discord constantly open both when I’m at work and home, it’s a great community of knowledge and learning.”
  • “I was once €5000 under water, but after watching the streams I’m up €2000.”
  • “This community is the best thing since sliced bread if you are starting to learn technical analysis or you are already an experienced trader. Due to the fact that “two minds are better than one” it is a priceless group, filled with bright and respectful minds, with everyone teaching one another or just discussing the minute to minute movements of the markets. I could never have learnt or grown in understanding of the markets as much as I have anywhere else, and for that I am really thankful to this community.”
  • “I’ve been here for a while now, yet I still wish I joined sooner! Bitcoin_Schmitcoin goes above and beyond to make himself available to us, yet better still is the community he fosters. I was already into trading and TA before I found him, but I was a one-trick pony trading a Bull Market. Following him and learning from the Community, I became a much more versatile, confident and above all – consistently profitable trader.”
  • “Trading crypto is now my full time job. Started as a poor university student(with 1k) with student loans, which can now be easily taken care of.”
  • “Signing up for this discord was literally the best thing I’ve done since buying ether a couple of years ago.”

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